About us

About JungKwang Co., Ltd.
Since 1981, We, JungKwang has been engaged in manufacturing the Cigarette filter rod maker such as Mono filter maker, Dual combined filter maker, Triple filter maker, Activated Carbon unit, Tray filling unit and various spare parts.
By improving and innovating our aim is to be a total solution of the filter makers.
Filter construction is very important. Not to reduce cigarette taste but to reduce many compounds on smoking is a major task for filter designer. Even we can not propose the proper filter design, but we can provide you the tools that fulfill your desire, which is providing good cigarette taste with less compounds.
Should the machines add the productivity on its flexibility, what is your next step? 
Many applications of JungKwang. Are waiting for your choice.
JungKwang is ready to join your plan.


Jul 1981 Established as Hyupsung Co., Ltd.

FM-9 (Mono Filter Maker)

FM-5 (Dual Filter Maker)


Oct 1990 Renamed as Daehwa Co., Ltd.

Enlarge the production range period

DH-M901 (Mono Filter Maker)

DH-D902 (Dual Filter Maker)

DH-T903 (Triple Filter Maker)

AC-Unit (Activated-Carbon Unit)

Hot-Melt system

Auto Bobbin Changer without reducing speed


Feb 1998 Renamed as JungKwang Machine Co., Ltd.

Upgrading period

JK-4A (Mono Filter Maker)

JK-3D (Dual Filter Maker)

Upgrade AC-Unit

Upgrade Bobbin swiveling system

Upgrade T/A spraying system

Adapted PLC system

Upgrade Tray Filling Unit


Dec 2003 Renamed J.K. Machine Co., Ltd.

JK-4AE (Mono Filter Maker)

JK-4DE (Dual Filter Maker)

JK-5AE (Mono Filter Maker)

JK-TCM (Triple Cavity Filter Maker)

JK-NWA (NonWrap Acetate Filter maker)

JK-FA1 (Flavor Applicator - Thread type)

JK-FA2 (Flavor Applicator - Spray Nozzle type)

JK-FA3 (Flavor Applicator - Capsule insert unit)

Feb 2017 Renamed JungKwang Co., Ltd.